Happily Ever After?

From a young age I have been a lover of movies–from the black and white classics with Bogart and Bergman to the new-age sci-fi’s with all of the special effects. I’ve spent a lot of time watching movies. In fact, my high school job was at my local movie theater cleaning the theaters while the … More Happily Ever After?

Finding a Therapist

The process of finding a therapist can be intimidating. There are plenty of factors to consider that are akin to finding a doctor: Does she accept my insurance? Is his office close enough to where I live? Does she have special training in the areas that I need help with? These factors are just as … More Finding a Therapist

The Best Medicine

Are you struggling with the stress of this holiday season? Does your to do list seem never ending and a little overwhelming? Are you struggling with the cold Idaho weather? If you are like many of us, you have answered yes to at least one of these questions! Making simple everyday changes to your routine … More The Best Medicine

How Forgiveness Affects Your Health: 8 Steps You Can Take Now  

Forgiveness is critical in this life and even more crucial when working towards health goals! Asking for forgiveness is huge and offering forgiveness is equally important. When we let either of these hang onto us our bodies struggle. This adds a lot of stress causing excess cortisol release, which makes your body think it needs … More How Forgiveness Affects Your Health: 8 Steps You Can Take Now