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Counseling services provide clients a place to work through mental and emotional issues of the past and manage present struggles in a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere. Open to the entire community. We bill private insurances and have a sliding fee scale payment option.

CBRS – Community Based Rehabilitative  Services

CBRS provides in-home and community support to people experiencing severe mental illness. CBRS workers help people maintain mental stability by helping their client achieve measurable goals related to daily living. CBRS promotes increased independence in thinking and behavior leading to the eventual ability for clients to move beyond the need for CBRS.

 TCM – Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case Management helps people access local, state, and federal services. Some of these services include SSI, SSD, food stamps, housing, energy assistance, transportation, and making medical appointments.



Certified Peer Support

  • No Judgment
  • Shared Experiences
  • You make your goals!

A Certified Peer Support Specialist (PSS) uses their lived experience to engage, educate, advocate, guide, and support clients with a serious and persistent mental illness to role model recovery. A Peer Support Specialist will assist a client in developing their own “recovery plan” to promote their personal hopes, wellness, and recovery to successful living in the community.



Certified Family Support Partner

  • Parent-To-Parent
  • Caregiver-To-Caregiver 
  • Partner-To-Partner

Family support comes from someone who has lived the experience of raising a child that has had a behavioral health challenge. All family members are affected when a child in the household is living with a challenge. Getting into the right programs and developing the resiliency needed for recovery can be overwhelming.