Certified Family Support

  • Parent-To-Parent
  • Caregiver-To-Caregiver 
  • Partner-To-Partner

This support comes from someone who has lived experience raising a child with mental illness, navigating multiple child-serving systems, and assisting the child in developing the resiliency needed for recovery. All family members are affected when someone in the household is living with a healthcare concern, and this is no truer thaFamilyn it is for the parents/guardians raising a child living with a behavioral health challenge. Having this lived experience and sharing it with other parents/caregivers is what the Certified Family Support Partner (CFSP) brings to the table that is different from other helping professionals. Research documents that recovery is facilitated by emotional, informational, social, and resource-connected supports. Delivering strengths-based, person-centered, recovery-oriented services enhances recovery opportunities for people with behavioral health conditions. A CFSP provides support and inspires hope to families in similar situations. Integration of CFSPs into the workforce is a critical component to a recovery-oriented system of care.