Healthy Relationships

As you probably have already figured out, relationships are not easy. They take a lot of work and dedication to make them last. Often times, the longer we are with someone the more we take them for granted and tend to see less and less of their good qualities. If you are struggling with your relationship,  there is still help and there is still a chance that things can be fixed. You can start by practicing gratitude. Showing gratitude is a great way to show your appreciation to your partner, but it also improves the quality of your relationship. Practice at least one gratitude exercise everyday, here is a small list to help you get started:

  1. Show interest in their life. This can be done by asking specific questions about your partner’s day, making eye contact, communicating with them without a device in your hand!
  2. Give compliments. Giving someone a compliment really goes a long way. Even if you have given hundreds of compliments in your relationship, they still matter. It will also help you to see the good qualities and help you remember why you fell in love with your partner to begin with.
  3. Surprise them. We all love surprises now and then. Surprising your partner with a date night, a small gift, or even a sappy note will help keep your bond strong and will let your partner know that you have thought about them during the day.
  4. Do more than your share of chores. Chores are often a big bone of contention in relationships due to one partner feeling like they do more around the house than the other. When helping with chores, don’t just do the dishes and call it good. Do something you don’t have to do, like filling up your partners gas tank, just to show that you care.
  5. Use your manners. Saying “please” and “thank you” are important because it shows your partner that you acknowledge what they are doing for you, and helps you not to take their helpfulness for granted.
  6. Spoil them. Make their favorite meal, give them the night off from everyday tasks, and let them engage in their favorite hobby or leisure activity.
  7. Pay attention to your body language. Sometimes our body language tells more about a person than the actual words that come out of our mouths. Often times we don’t notice the scowl on our faces, but our partner will. Make it a point in your relationship to smile, laugh often, and touch your partner.


Showing gratitude everyday will help your relationship to grow, will help your partner feel like you care about them, and will also in turn encourage them to show more gratitude to you.

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